Workday consulting services

Today’s business environment requires that companies drive new ways of working, becoming more people centric and digital. 美世 is the market leader in business transformation enabled by Workday – accelerating your digital journey.

Get the most out of your Workday investment

As your 工作服务 partner, we combine business transformation with Workday implementation to accelerate your digital strategy. Whether you’ve just begun your journey with a new implementation or are needing to update technology to address changing business needs, we provide full consulting expertise in:   

  • Business, HR and financial transformation consulting
  • Deployment of all modules of the Workday  platform
  • Change and adoption strategies
  • Post-implementation managed services 
We believe that technology alone does not drive meaningful change – people do. That’s why we are committed to focusing on a people-centric approach to transformation and co-creating solutions with our clients.

We help create a technology roadmap to deploy Workday to achieve your business goals.

我们的顾问 take the time to understand your business, your people strategy and your digital strategy to:
  • Maximise your Workday platform to achieve targeted business outcomes. 
    Ensure that your Workday platform aligns with your business needs and 流程, and harness the power of data to drive outcomes.

  • 优化投资回报率.
    Guide you on the implementation journey from start to finish, ensuring adoption and return on your investment.
  • 充分利用整个平台.
    Create clear and transparent collaboration between HR and finance through the full Workday platform. We tie people and financial data together to give a holistic view of enterprise resource planning (ERP) data.

  • Manage applications and adopt new features.
    Build a resilient deployment that can easily and effectively take advantage of Workday’s continuous innovations at the speed of the cloud.


Optimise your Workday investment to support your strategic goals. We help customers get the most out of Workday through our deep consulting expertise, best-in-class proprietary tools, global reach and a full range of 工作服务 designed with HR effectiveness in mind.

Choose 美世 as your 工作服务 partner

We provide strategic guidance, 数字创新, financial and HR and technical expertise, Workday certified team members, and an ecosystem of leading support services.
  • 工作日优化

    Align your HR and financial programmes, 流程, and service delivery model with Workday so you can unlock the full Workday potential in your organisation.
  • Workday Application management services (AMS)

    With global options tailored to your business needs and budget, 美世’s Application Management Services help you maximise the return on your Workday investment.
  • Workday financial management

    With 美世 and Workday Financial Management, harness the power of cloud-based enterprise management to take advantage of all of our Workday benefits.
  • 人力资源管理的转型

    人力资源管理的转型 is critical in a changing global business environment. Find out how 美世 improves HR effectiveness through solutions and technology.



    To learn more about our 工作服务, contact us today.